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This superb self-contained unit is ideal for Shows, Weddings, corporate events or private parties. The unit requires no mains drainage or water supply and may be used anywhere i.e. grass, tarmac or inside a building.

The unit is multifunctional and can be used as the following configurations:

Combined Unit:

4 Ladies cubicles, wash hand basin and mirror, 2 Gents cubicles, urinal area wash hand basin and mirror.

All Ladies Unit:

6 cubicles, wash hand basins and mirrors.

All Gents Unit:

6 cubicles, urinal area, wash hand basins and mirrors.

  • White Interior walls
  • Chrome fixtures & fittings
  • Black Vinyl flooring
  • Cold Water
  • Re-circulating
  • Waste paper baskets
  • Mirrors



 Including A Frame: Length: 24' 10" (7.48 M) Width: 7' 8" (2.33M) 
                                 Height: 9' 6" (2.95M)

 Power Required: 16 amp electric or a 3.5 KVA generator.

 Water/Waste: Water to initially fill the tanks on arrival and for topping up the wash   hand basins should this be required. Waste is removed by a registered waste carrier.

 Position: Firm level ground with good access.